FAiTh aims to empower the thalassemia community in Pakistan by educating the patients and their parents about better treatment methods, by providing them financial support, and by helping them become a strong part of the society. FAiTh also aims to bridge the gap between thalassemia patients’ community and the clinicians. We also ensure that the patients are well aware of their rights and the standard international transfusion practices so that their health and safety are assured. Furthermore, building an international standard iron chelation center equipped with all essential medical facilities is also one of the major goals set out by FAiTh

Our Vision

Our vision at FAiTh is to raise the cause of Thalassemia at all national and international platforms to enhance not only the quantity but also the quality of life for thalassemia patients in the country. We are working day in and day out to improve the life standard of the thalassemia patients and to make them a productive, independent and skilled part of the society