Winter Drive 31st December 2015

Fight Against Thalassemia team visited Fatimid Foundation Hyderabad on 31st December 2015 for winter drive.

Nothing else could make the 2015 ending better than this, we are really thankful to Dr. Rab Nawaz Memon, Dr. Khalid, staff and volunteers Priya Meymon Ghazal Qureshi Haleema Keerio for the love, respect, care and honor they have given to us.

We will never forget the gift of ajrak, the donation of injection desferal for our cause, the valuable information we got from Dr. Rab Nawaz & Dr. Khalid, the love from our fellow thalassemics Priya, Ghazal & Haleema who are volunteering at Fatimid Foundation Hyderabad.

With the help of our generous donors we have been able to distribute hoodies & shawls to our fellow thalassemics, we are really thankful to our donors

We just pray that Allah accept all our efforts and give us strength to do more and more for our fellows in 2016 – ameen