Winter Drive 25th January 2016

Fight Against Thalassemia team visited Fatimid Foundation Rashidabad on 25th January 2016 for winter drive.

FAiTh distributed shawls, desferal injections & infusion pumps in fellow thalassemics.

We are really thankful to admin Ahmed Sahab for his time, care and hospitality. Thank you sir & Fatimid for the stay, center visit, lunch and everything. Thanks a lot for the love, respect and honor, it was a memorable trip for FAiTh members since we got to meet staff of Karachi center who are now working at Rashidabad center, bought back so many memories. Loved meeting Nizam bhai, Altaf bhai, Sister Liz & Saleem bhai.

FAiTh doesn’t have words for our donors, without their support this couldn’t have been possible.