The Thatta Makli Story: Building a Home

A few months ago, the lives of two thalassemia patients from Thatta Makli took a profound turn when they reached out to FAiTh with a heartfelt plea: to build them a shelter on their modest plot. This request wasn’t just about bricks and mortar; it was a lifeline for a family struggling with immense challenges. Their father, disabled and unable to work, faced the daunting task of providing for his ailing children. They had been enduring the harsh elements, residing under the open sky with nothing but tents for shelter.

Moved by their plight, FAiTh shared their story with compassionate donors who wasted no time in extending a helping hand. Through collective efforts, two rooms were constructed, transforming their once-desolate plot into a haven of hope. Today, Alhamdulillah, the transformation is palpable. The family radiates joy and contentment, basking in the comfort and security of their new home.

Recently, Team FAiTh had the privilege of visiting their abode, capturing moments that reflect not just a physical change but a profound shift in their quality of life. These images encapsulate a story of resilience, community support, and the power of kindness to turn struggles into sanctuaries.