Thalassemia Patients & Parents Khairpur Session 2018

FAiTh – Fight Against Thalassemia – A Patients & Parents Association conducted it’s 2nd Patients & Parents Session at Khairpur Fatimid Foundation on Saturday 10th November 2018

The session was attended by patients, parents & staff of Fatimid Foundation Khairpur. According to the administrator there are 300 active patients who visit Fatimid Foundation Khairpur regularly for their treatment.

We briefed them about how can they take better care of themselves, how they can maintain their hemoglobin and ferritin, about prevention, about FAiTh Patient Support Group, how can they spread awareness & how can they help themselves & thalassemia center regarding blood donations.

Khairpur is a city and the capital of the Khairpur District, in Pakistan’s Sindh province, we traveled 437.5 km from Karachi to reach Khairpur. Majority of the people in Khairpur doesn’t understand Urdu / English, their native language is Sindhi.

Our Khairpur / Sukkur Team Leader Areeba Gulzar translated all the talks in Sindhi to make it easy for people to understand.

In the end attendees promised us to follow all the guidelines we shared with them.
Gifts & lunch was distributed among the patients by FAiTh

We are thankful to Fatimid Foundation for giving us chance to interact with patients & parents, for the arrangements & support.