Patients & Parents Session Uch Sharif November 2020

FAiTh Fight Against Thalassemia organized a thalassemia patients & parents session at Panjand Hotel Uch Sharif on 17th November 2020. Where 30+ patients and their parents attended the event.

Discussed their issues, asked for guidance in treatment, we asked them to stay connected with FAiTh to gain knowledge, information and support for their treatment.

After session we distributed some gifts among them and we had lunch together. There are more than 100 patients in Uch Sharif, they try to get blood transfusions from Bahawalpur (79 km distance) in proper thalassemia ward of Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital. But sometimes they have no choice but to get whole blood transfused and they rarely get iron chelation medicines.

FAiTh is trying to support them for iron chelation medicines.

We are thankful to our district coordinator Adil Shah and his team for their efforts in Uch Sharif.