International Thalassemia Day 2016

FAiTh President Ayesha Mehmood was invited as a guest speaker by Hope Of Life on 5th May 2016 for seminar on thalassemia awareness at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur.

Hope of Life arranged free blood grouping to gather more blood donors for thalassemics of Bahawalpur and near by cities / villages.

After seminar she visited thalassemia ward at Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital, met patients & parents there.. spent some time with them & FAiTh adopted 2 new thalassemia fellows for monthly dose of desferal from Bahawalpur.

Since last visit quiet a few things have changed, patients and parents are now more aware of how to take proper care of their children & they are taking more interest in keeping them healthy & active Alhamdulillah!