Chand Raat Celebration 2019

Chand Raat Celebration was organized by FAiTh at FAiTh office Karachi on 4th June 2019

It was an event by thalassemia fellows for thalassemia fellows.

50+ fellows and their parents attended the event, had iftar, dinner, got Eid gifts, girls applied mehndi, it was a great get-together & a chance for fellows where they met, greet and discussed a lot of things, some parents met FAiTh President Ayesha Mehmood to discuss their children health issues.. Alhamdulillah it was a fun-filled day.

Special thanks to our amazing donors for dinner, Eid gifts & dessert..

Thanks to the FAiTh family who worked hard for the event voluntarily, some members contributed for the cause by donating funds.