Istaqbal e Ramadan 2024

On Sunday, 10th March, at the Cutchi Memon Community Centre, we hosted a meaningful event called Istaqbal-e-Ramzan, bringing together thalassemia patients, their families, our dear friends, and steadfast supporters.

The evening was filled with soulful naat recitations, enlightening talks, and heartfelt prayers. We took a poignant moment to remember and pray for our departed thalassemia fellows.

Although Pirzada Syed Abbas Shah Jilani Bawa couldn’t join us in person, his sons graciously led the prayers on his behalf. The melodious voices of Naat Khawans Mahmood Al Hasan Ashrafi, Hasan Raza Qadri, Zain Raza Hashmani, Syed Anas Karimi, and Bilal Raza Hashmani filled the air with devotion.

The wise words of Allama Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed added depth and meaning to our gathering, leaving a lasting impact on all present.

This event was made possible by the dedicated efforts of FAiTh Fight Against Thalassemia Foundation, highlighting our ongoing commitment to support and uplift those affected by thalassemia.

Ramadan Drive 2024 @ Thalassemia Ward Civil Hospital Thatta Makli

FAiTh (Fight Against Thalassemia) hosted its first Ramadan Rashan Drive of 2024 on March 2nd at Civil Hospital Thatta in Sindh. The FAiTh team generously distributed Ramadan rations to thalassemia patients, extending heartfelt thanks to our compassionate donors for their steadfast support in our mission to combat thalassemia.

The Thatta Makli Story: Building a Home

A few months ago, the lives of two thalassemia patients from Thatta Makli took a profound turn when they reached out to FAiTh with a heartfelt plea: to build them a shelter on their modest plot. This request wasn’t just about bricks and mortar; it was a lifeline for a family struggling with immense challenges. Their father, disabled and unable to work, faced the daunting task of providing for his ailing children. They had been enduring the harsh elements, residing under the open sky with nothing but tents for shelter.

Moved by their plight, FAiTh shared their story with compassionate donors who wasted no time in extending a helping hand. Through collective efforts, two rooms were constructed, transforming their once-desolate plot into a haven of hope. Today, Alhamdulillah, the transformation is palpable. The family radiates joy and contentment, basking in the comfort and security of their new home.

Recently, Team FAiTh had the privilege of visiting their abode, capturing moments that reflect not just a physical change but a profound shift in their quality of life. These images encapsulate a story of resilience, community support, and the power of kindness to turn struggles into sanctuaries.

Winter Drive 2023-24 @ Patients Welfare Association Karachi

On January 4, 2024, FAiTh – Fight Against Thalassemia, a dedicated Patients & Parents Association, visited the Patients Welfare Association- PWA in Karachi to distribute jackets, biscuits, and flavored milk juices to thalassemia patients as part of our Winter Drive initiative. Your ongoing support truly makes a difference. Donors can also contribute towards the cause to help us continue these efforts.

Winter Drive 2023-24 @ Al Mustafa Welfare Society Karachi

Winter Drive 2023-24 @ Al Mustafa Welfare Society Karachi

On January 3, 2024, the collaborative efforts of FAiTh – Fight Against Thalassemia, a dedicated Patients & Parents Association, and Al Mustafa Welfare Society in Karachi culminated in a heartwarming Gift Distribution Ceremony. This event, held as part of our Winter Drive initiative, was aimed at spreading warmth and joy among thalassemia patients.

Jackets, biscuits, and flavored milk juices were generously distributed to the patients, symbolizing our commitment to making a positive impact on their lives. The ceremony was made possible through the unwavering support of Haji Hanif Tayyab Sahab, Chairman Founder of Al Mustafa Welfare Society, and his entire team, to whom we express our sincere gratitude.

The esteemed presence of Capt. (R) Ghulam Azfar Mahesar, DIG East, as the chief guest added a special touch to the occasion. FAiTh’s President, Ayesha Mehmood, and key figures including General Secretary Muhammad Hammad, Finance Secretary Abida Nosheen, and dedicated team members Muhammad Shoaib, Raza Ahmed, and Saad Mendha, played pivotal roles in ensuring the success of this compassionate initiative. The collaborative spirit demonstrated during the Gift Distribution Ceremony underscored our shared commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of thalassemia patients.

Winter Drive 2023-24 @ Burhani Thalassemia Center Karachi

On January 2, 2024, FAiTh – Fight Against Thalassemia, a committed Patients & Parents Association—extended its support to the Burhani Thalassemia Center in Karachi.

As part of our Winter Drive initiative, we distributed jackets, biscuits, and flavored milk juices to thalassemia patients, aiming to bring warmth and joy to their lives. Your continued support makes a significant impact

Winter Drive 2023 @ Thalassemia Ward Civil Hospital Hyderabad

Winter Drive 2023 @ Civil Hospital Hyderabad

On December 20, 2023, FAiTh – Fight Against Thalassemia – a Patients & Parents Association, extended its care to the Thalassemia Ward at Civil Hospital #Hyderabad.

Our visit included distributing blankets, biscuits, toys, and warm clothing to thalassemia patients and their families, spreading warmth and joy during this Winter Drive.

Winter Drive 2023 @ Thalassemia Ward Civil Hospital Thatta Makli

On November 22, 2023, FAiTh – Fight Against Thalassemia – a Patients & Parents Association, made a heartfelt visit to Civil Hospital Thatta Makli.

We spent time in the Thalassemia Ward at Civil Hospital Thatta, distributing essential items such as blankets, flour, ghee, salt, biscuits, and chocolates to both thalassemia patients and their families. Our team also extended their kindness to the Children’s Ward, where Winter Gifts were shared with the young patients and their families.

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Mr. & Mrs. Zareen Kothari for their incredible support, and a special acknowledgment to Mrs. Afshan Shakeel for being there too! Your generosity and compassion make a significant impact.

Independence Day 2023 at FAiTh Office Karachi

✨ **Celebrating Unity and Joy: Independence Day Extravaganza at FAiTh Office, Karachi** 🎉

Independence Day 2023 at FAiTh Office Karachi

On the proud occasion of 14th August 2023, FAiTh organized a spectacular event at our Karachi office, weaving together moments of joy, celebration, and community spirit. 🇵🇰✨

– 🍭 **Cotton Candy and Popcorn Delights:** Our venue was adorned with sweet treats, bringing smiles to guests and thalassemia patients alike.
– 🎩 **Enchanting Magic Show:** A magical experience unfolded, captivating hearts and adding a touch of wonder to our celebration.
– 🍽️ **Dinner Delights:** The festivities continued with a delightful dinner, fostering a sense of togetherness.
– 🎤 **Mr. & Mrs. Fahad’s Melodious Tribute:** The talented duo graced us with their soulful renditions of Independence Day National Songs, creating beautiful memories with thalassemia patients.
– 🍰 **Heartwarming Cake Ceremony:** Guests, alongside thalassemia patients, came together for a touching cake-cutting ceremony, symbolizing unity and shared joy.
– 🎁 **Gifts of Love:** Tokens of appreciation were shared with thalassemia patients, spreading warmth and gratitude.

**Distinguished Guests:**
A heartfelt thank you to our esteemed guests who added grace to the occasion:
– 🌟 President All Karachi Tajir Alliance, Asif Gulfam Sahab
– 🎙️ Dr. Sadia Moin, Esteemed Host at Metro1 News
– 🏥 Moin Ahmed, Representative from Al Mustafa Hospital
– 🎶 Mr. & Mrs. Fahad, Talented Contributors to the Celebration
– 👫 Mr. & Mrs. Abdul Hameed Kath, Honored Guests
– 🛍️ Mr. Abdullah Sarwar, Owner of Ayesha Traders
– 🌍 Mr. Arif Ali, Representative from Help International Welfare Trust
– 💼 Ali Ashraf Qureshi, Proprietor of I Solution

**Photo Album:**
We invite you to explore the vibrant moments captured during this unforgettable event 📸🌈 #FAiThCelebration #IndependenceDay2023 #CommunityJoy

FAiTh Rozgar Program : Fruit cart for Ayan’s Father

کچھ وقت پہلے ہم نے آپ سے شئیر کیا تھا کہ ہمارے ایک کوٹری کے تھیلیسیمیا فیلو کے والد کو روزگار کے لیے مدد درکار ہے۔
الحمدللہ ایک ڈونر کے تعاون سے ٹیم فیتھ نے انہیں فروٹ سبزی کا ٹھیلہ اور فروٹ دلوا دیے ہیں تاکہ وہ روزگار کما کر اپنے گھر کا اور تھیلیسیمیا میجر بیٹے کا خیال رکھ سکیں۔ ان کو ایک عدد موبائل فون کی بھی ضرورت تھی رابطے کے لیے،۔الحمداللہ انہیں وہ بھی مہیا کردیا گیا ہے۔

Few days ago, we shared about a thalassemia patient’s father who was jobless and wanted to start a business to support his child. With the help of a donor, we provided him with a fruit cart and fruits, allowing him to begin earning and providing for his family.

We are grateful for the donor who made this possible and for the father’s determination to overcome the challenges and provide a better life for his child. Your support and kindness can make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Case details: